Gedney's photographs

I found a link to Gedney's pictures in Elizabeth's laptop. He was a photographer who lived in Brooklyn, and had a great feeling for people. What Gedney had to say about the city is how Elizabeth felt about it.

From his journal: The physical image of a city is said to mirror the soul of the people who built it.

"There are very legitimate reasons for including a walk along a street or through a particular area of a city to develop an idea in a film. Dr Siegfried Kracauer has defined it in his interesting "Theory of film": 'The Street in the extended sense of the word is not only the arena of fleeting impressions and chance encounters but a place where the flow of life is bound to assert itself... the kaleidoscopic sights mingle with unidentified shapes and fragmentary visual complexes....' For more pictures try this link.

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How Dina Aunty relished her memories. Mummy and Daddy were the same, talking about their yesterdays and smiling in that sad-happy way while selecting each picture, each frame from the past, examining it lovingly before it vanished again in the mist. But nobody ever forgot anything, not really, though sometimes they pretended, when it suited them. Memories were permanent. Sorrowful ones remained sad even with the passing of time, yet happy ones could never be re-created—not with the same joy. Remembering bred its own peculiar sorrow. It seemed so unfair: that time should render both sadness and happiness into a source of pain.

> From A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry